SAP Approved Courses For First-Time

For the first-time in ITU history, the Business Administration department has added 6 courses approved by SAP America to its curriculum.  These courses are a result of ITU’s membership in the SAP University Alliance, and the development/planning for these courses by the Business Administration Department.

Students that complete the minimum of 3 courses out of the 6 will receive a Student Recognition Award signifying the students accomplishment presented by the university.  This award also indicates that the student has received sufficient training in SAP standards. The credits will be counted as an elective for either of the MBA concentrations which you can find on more information on the MBA page.

Here’s a list of the courses:

  1. ACTN 925 Accounting Information System/FICO (3)*
  2. ERP 901- Introduction to ERP using SAP (3)*
  3. ERP 902 ABAP – Advanced Business Application Programming (3)
  4. ERP 912 – Sales Order Management with ERP (3)
  5. Enterprise Portal technology using NetWeaver
  6. Enterprise procurement processes

Don’t miss this great opportunity to receive training towards SAP, and also gain credits towards your degree!

* Classes offered in Fall 2011